Countywide Installation of Utility Rocket Vehicle Router

Alpha Install recently completed the first phase of a countywide roll-out of the Utility Rocket Vehicle Router in the Atlanta Georgia Metropolitan Area. The implementation of over 1,000 units included Sheriff, Police, Fire, EMS, and Water Department vehicles. With their new high-speed cellular broadband connectivity to access mission critical applications such as computer aided dispatch, e-citation, automated license readers they anticipate being able to increase efficiency and mobile work productivity.

The project required completed over a short duration of time. In parts of the project adequate garage space was not available in sufficient capacity to support the scheduled installation pace. To remedy this, Alpha Install provided three portable two-bay garages on site. These garages are rapid-deploy and Alpha took then down at the end of every shift. The garages enabled Alpha Install to complete the project onsite regardless of the weather conditions and without a demand on the customers facilities.

Alpha Install completed the installation project on-time and in-budget for the re-seller and for the county. As part of Alpha's standard deliverable the vehicle number and hardware serial numbers are tracked, as well as the team members who worked on each part of every single installation. Each completed vehicle underwent our standard quality control review before being returned to service.